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The Adventures of Amaru (As aventuras de Amaru)

The Adventures of Amaru is an educative game with the objective of teaching words, and increase the vocabulary of students. The story of the game consists of the problems that an alien came across when he accidentally falls on our planet. Coming from a distant planet in his spaceship, the main character is a traveler who seeks to explore new planets and learn more about them. In order to continue its journey, he needs to get parts of its ship to be able to repair it. In order to move on, our character, named Amaru, needs to learn to communicate in the language of earth. During his journey, he learns to communicate and gets to know humans that will help him get the parts of its ship. He will also have the help from his robot friend which will help to solve the teaching tasks of the game. During the game’s progression, the tasks are presented in "mini-games" where the player must select the correct answer, by controlling the main character. The player can collect items during allocates in five stages to complete the adventure.

Download link

After downloading the file clicking in the link above, you must follow the following steps to play this version of the game:
  1. Copy the "Amaru" folder to the "My Documents" directory of your Windows.
  2. Open the "Game" folder and run the file "As Aventuras de Amaru.exe".
  3. Read the "README.txt" file for more informations.

Or you can visualize the game installation clicking in this link.

You can also download the "Amaru controle" tool (in test phase but functional :) ) that helps in editing and adding new tasks and users in the game. Click this link to download the tool:
  1. Open the "Amaru Controle" folder and run the file "Amaru Controle.exe".
  2. See the video at https://youtu.be/d2xaG1s0Szk which has the initial steps for using the tool.
  3. Use the "OthersTasks.csv" file as a template for creating new trials.

MTS Player

The MTS Player is a web application developed to assist instructors to presents tasks of matching to sample procedure. The instructors can insert and evaluate the training sessions of several words. Several options of tools can be configured, as: a visual and sound feedback as an indicator of right or wrong answered questions, a progress bar, uppercase texts for new words and the option to attempt the same question up to three times. The interaction between the users and the software occurs through mouse inputs, which they must use to choose the right answer among those shown on the screen.

Link to the application

• Semi structured interview data

This table contains the students' data, obtained through a semi structured interview.

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• Students' performance data

Set of folders organized in two categories: Game and Web. This document contains the source files of every student that finished the activity.

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